Loreen Hinz

LocationLeipzig, Berlin ClientsAdvertising: Steigenberger Hotel Group, C:Ehko, Oliver Viehweg, AC BY
Magazines: Vogue Italia, ELLE Germany, L´Officiel, Leica S-Magazine, Neo2, Quality, OE, Material Girl, Schön!, Hedonist, Luna ProfessionFashion, Portrait, Fine Art VitaBorn in 1983 in the East of divided Germany, Loreen Hinz was always very interested in art and art history. She wanted to study art after school, but her parents insisted on a rather conservative study to earn money later. After studying tourism management and working for two years as a sales manager, she decided to follow her preferences and studied again - communication design, where she took courses in illustration and art. During her second semester she had to take the photography course, where she got to know analogue photography and work in the darkroom. Photography captivated her in that way, that she chose completing her diplom in experimental photography. She attributes her photography to what she considers her genetic raw materials: classical portrait painting from the 16th to the 19th centuries. References to Old Masters such as Titian, Caravaggio, Cranach or Ingres are intentionally calculated, but she avoids replicating the work; instead, she tries to capture delicate colour palettes, poses, attributes, and blurriness only as a distant stylistic ideal without ever directly repeating them. She exhibited several times with Vogue Italia in Milan and showed her pictures during exhibitions in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Switzerland, Luxembourg, London, Denver/Colorado, Paris, New York. Loreen already worked for magazines like Vogue Italia, ELLE Germany, L´Officiel and Schön!. Websitewww.loreenhinz.com