Antonio Paredes

LocationParis AgencyN/A ClientsSephora, The Black Ship, Coconá, Santego, Celeste ProfessionFashion, Beauty VitaI was Born in Mexico City and raised in a family business. After doing a master degree in Business Administration imposed by my
family I moved to Paris 8 years ago to follow my passion. I started working in the industry as a set assistant at Studio Zero, quickly
moving on to work as a local photo assistant for photographers such as Craig McDean, Alasdair McLellan, Kenneth Willard, Willy
Vanderperre, Horst Diekgerdes to name a few. I then went on to working as first photo assistant for Vincent Peters for 3 years.
I then became a digital technician at DTOUCH Paris where I passed 3 years —working for various photographers including Paolo
Roversi, Ryan McGinley, Collier Schorr, Tom Munro, Mert and Marcus...
My family always believed that to built your own business you have to know the industry in and out, that is why I decided to explore
all the technique aspects as an assistant before doing my own photography.
Beauty and portrait represent my universe, and the evolution of my work is a constant research mixing vision and experience.