Andrea Mete

LocationRome ClientsFendi, LeChoix, MariuDeSica, MeDressMe, BijouxIndiscrets,  DaiquiriLime, CharlineDeLuca, L’Officiel, Coy Magazine, Feetrica, Vogue Talents ProfessionFashion, Nudes, Reportage, Street VitaBorn in Rome, Italy, Andrea Mete is a photographer who produces raw and experimental portraits of women and unique snapshots of random things around him. Inspired by diverse places he has explored as well as numerous people he met, his creative world reflects a broad spectrum of cultural and everyday influences. The diversity of his photographs is the result of an open mind and his eye for all the little details. Different locations, shadows and lights can create an amazing result. His photographs are seductive, experimental, raw, and unique.
He exhibited his works in many art galleries in New York, Berlin, Rome and Milan.

His view is a narration by fragments; an alternation of faces, objects, different and distant subjects linked by an invisible red thread, the life, Vita.