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Julia Keltsch


Photography Julia Keltsch C/O Avenger Photographers Styling Lisa Maria Lohmann C/O Bigoudi Hair & Make-up Melanie Hunger C/O Bigoudi Model Lisa Marie C/O PMA Camera Leica S (Typ 007) with Summarit-S 70 f/2.5 ASPH. (CS), Summicron-S 100 f/2 ASPH., APO-Macro-Summarit-S 120 f/2.5 (CS)

As a sought-after beauty photographer, Julia Keltsch sets out to create flawless depictions of the human form. For her independent project, the German artist took a different approach – examining the female body without any hint of objectification. The result are poetic yet precise images that play with the concept of elasticity.

I can see from your portfolio that you do a lot of commercial beauty work, such as adverts and campaigns. How do you feel about your independent projects?  
There are many interesting aspects to shooting personal projects. They represent a valuable, enriching change from working for clients. I have free rein in everything – from the initial concept to its execution in collaboration with my team. Even during the shoot itself, there are spontaneous developments that arise out of the creative process. All participants are able to contribute, which is fantastic. I love looking back over the pictures at the end of the day, knowing that we’ve created something new and beautiful.

How did the idea for ‘Elastic Fantastic’ come about, and what was your main point of focus?
I’ve been planning to shoot something along those lines for quite some time now. Most of all, I wanted to portray the nuances of the female body using a very tender, feminine visual approach.

To my eyes, you present the female form without objectification. Was that your intention?
Yes, very much so. I wanted to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the female body in a way that was neither voyeuristic nor explicit. I’m sure it made a difference that our team was comprised entirely of women, which enabled a much more personal perspective. I think this is something that can really shape the atmosphere of a shoot as intimate as this one.

The images are abstract, imaginative, but still very precise. Did you have the whole shoot planned out in advance, or was there room for improvisation?
I’d say it was a mixture of planning and improvisation. I’d been wanting to do a feature on the female body for quite some time. When I continued to develop the concept together with my stylist, Lisa Maria Lohmann, she put forward a selection of various materials and garments to be used in the shoot. So there was a basic framework that we had already put in place. The rest evolved in the course of the shoot. Much of our work depends on the atmosphere on the set, and the collaboration with the model. That’s what usually gives rise to very special and spontaneous moments.

How did you choose your model, and what qualities were you looking for?  
In this case, my main objective was that the model should feel comfortable. I wanted her to be familiar with the concept in advance, have some previous experience in this field and, most of all, feel keen to be a part of this project.

Which do you like best: fashion, beauty, or independent projects?
I enjoy all of them. Whether I’m photographing clothes or people’s faces, bodies, skin and hair – I just love capturing their individuality and beauty in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Consequently, my personal projects are always influenced by the fashion and beauty genre.

What would you like to achieve within photography? What are your goals?
I love that my pictures are featured all around the world, so I’d definitely like to keep on shooting campaigns for international clients. I’ll always find time for independent fine-art projects – and if I’m able to sell the odd print here and there, that would be great, too.

How did you find working with the S 007? What differences did you notice compared with your usual camera?
Shooting with the Leica S 007 was an amazing and enriching experience. The slightly larger dimensions and different ergonomics forced me work in a particularly focused and concentrated manner – which had a very positive effect on my compositions. I was also able to get some excellent video results. But it was the quality of the still images that I found especially convincing - it’s just extraordinary.