S Magazine 3: The Rankin Issue


The third issue of the S Magazine features, for the first time, pictures taken by just one photographer – Rankin. In these nine series of photos everything revolves around the theme of hair. The London photographer worked with renowned stylists and even let them take on the staging of the respective series. What’s more, this issue of the S Magazine is celebrating another première: all Rankin’s pictures were taken with the new Leica S.

Photography Rankin Stylists Alain Pichon, Wendy Iles, Kenna, Raphael Salley, Tina Outen, Nick Irwin, Kevin Ford, Charlie Le Mindu, Johnnie Sapong Models Millie Lambert, Yeon Seo, Nadia Giramata, Lottie Richman, Valentyna Olieinikova, Hanako Footman, Chloe Hayward, Sara Brajovic, Aimee Nazroo, Lou Louy among others

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