LocationBerlin AgencyNerger M&O ClientsBMW, Rodenstock, Swisscom, Hollington Paris, Spectr Magazine, IOPE cosmetics, Consors Bank, 7 chic avenue, Tui Blue Hotels, TRAFFIC Magazine ProfessionPeople, Portrait and Fashion VitaJana aka EDISONGA has tried many things on the way to her current profession. She worked as a junior art director for Publicis, then decided to see what art school might have to offer. Her curriculum consisted mainly of painting and photography and soon the latter emerged as her main passion. At the same time, she started working as a stylist for established photographers - to get an idea of the work on set and of course to stay afloat throughout her studies. With the styling work affording her the financial freedom she needed, she was able to approach her photography in a very free way, to develop her own voice without compromise. After several years of this dual approach to life and career, Jana took the leap in 2015 and became a full-time photographer. Websitewww.edisonga.de