Tyler Mitchell in Amsterdam


Untitled (Two Girls Embrace), 2018 © Tyler Mitchell

People in photographic circles began talking about Tyler Mitchell in 2018 when, as a 23 year-old, he became the first Afro-American to produce a cover series for US Vogue, working with none other than singer Beyoncé Knowles.

A selection of the artist’s personal and commissioned works are on display within the framework of the exhibition Tyler Mitchell – I Can Make You Feel Good at Foam, as well as two of Mitchell’s videos. The artist’s work visualises a sort of black utopia: framed in bright colours and set in natural lighting, the photographer captures young Afro-American couples wandering through gardens and parks, or places them in front of really kitschy studio backdrops. The protagonists appear proud, sensitive and unencumbered, and are definitely very expressive.

Further information at: www.foam.org [Foam]