Tony Vaccaro in London


Mary Jane Russell, 1951 @ Tony Vaccaro/Getty Images

Tony Vaccaro’s photography career began in 1944 when, having been drafted into the U.S. Army the previous year, he was sent to Europe to serve as a scout. When he wasn’t scouting he would take photographs of scenes from the war, and by 1945 he was working as an official photographer for the 83rd Infantry Division’s newspaper. Then, in 1949, he returned to the States and began a new and rather unexpected career as a fashion, travel and celebrity photographer. Now, for the first time, Tony Vaccaro has a retrospective exhibition in London, at Getty Images Gallery, where one can take a trip through the 20th century: from the lives of soldiers after the war, to portraits of Georgia O’Keeffe in the backseat of a car, to candid snapshots of Hubert de Givenchy dressing Eartha Kitt in the 1960s.

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