Tom Munro in London


© Tom Munro, from the series 72 Tokyo (2014)

What’s it like to spend three days spinning around the fast-paced carousel of Japanese metropolitan life? For his personal project ‘72 Tokyo’, Tom Munro did just that, spending just three days – 72 hours – exploring the sprawling cities of Tokyo and Kyoto and shooting all the best things he saw along the way. His resulting series of images takes us deep into the hidden nightlife of Shinjuku’s Golden Gai district, where photography is otherwise prohibited, and into the timeless floating world of Old Kyoto’s geishas. A handful have been made into small silver gelatin prints, while the rest have been collaged into a vast 40-metre mural that wraps around a darkened room of The Store X, creating an overwhelming visual representation of the experience of rushing through Japan’s secret places.

More information at: 72 Tokyo