Tom Hoops in Milan


© Tom Hoops

Relatively new and upcoming Magic Beans Gallery this year presents „The Dark Knight of Fashion Photography“, as he has been named by autodidact Tom Hoops - whose works shimmer with a slight, unsettling timbre, expressive faces, hard contrasts, all in Black-and-White. Hoops: „I try and always look for light or create light that I like and remain consistent with that.  I tend to underexpose my images a little bit and that creates some depth. Other than that I don't try to make big changes with my work, just little changes and experiments each time.“
Dramatic settings for dramatic people, whom he chooses diligently: „It's not the poses, I'm drawn to the look of a person and the type of person they might be. Most importantly the look in the eye. Mostly I like powerful or broken but nothing in-between . Some people can be both which is fascinating.“ Self taught, he shoots both on film and digital. He sees himself as a photographer of people, good, bad, beautiful and ugly. He resides between London and Bangkok.
His list of clients and publications include Schön magazine, Var magazine, Lavazza, Vogue, Reader's Digest, Tocco Toscano, Porter magazine, Hunger Tv, Polydor music, Fault Magazine, Unilever, Greyhours, FEI tv, TBWA\, Kent, Label Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Red Magazine and Harpers Bazaar.
Hoops: „I like the viewer to make their own mind up, I want some ambiguity, for things not to be so obvious. To not know who or what a person or place might be. If the viewer feels something when they look at my work then I am happy.“

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