Tereza Zelenkova in Amsterdam

© Tereza Zelenkova

Young Czech photographer Tereza Zelenkova shoots straightforward, flash photography about the Slavic legends and folklore of her homeland. Her latest exhibition, ‘A Snake That Disappeared Through a Hole in the Wall’, tales its title from the old folk belief that snakes brought joy and wealth to a household; as such, they were often welcomed at the door with a saucer of milk. While making this latest series, Zelenkova visited many historical-mythological sites, such as the house of the 16th-century countess Elizabeth Bathory, who was rumoured to bathe in virgins’ blood, and the Gothic Houska Castle, which is supposed to contain a secret passageway to hell, and also sometimes arranged figures within these landscapes: blurring the boundaries between the real and the imaginary and bringing her dark magical-realist scenes to life.

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