Sylvie Blum joins Immagis


© Sylvie Blum, Candy Lips II, 2014

Sylvie Blum realised that she wanted to become an artist when she was still a small child in Austria, however those dreams only really began to come true in 1991 when Sylvie, then working as a model, met the photographer Guenter Blum. Before long she was his favourite model, his artistic muse and, in 1995, his wife. He in turn became her mentor, teaching her everything he knew about taking and developing photographs; until, in 1997, tragedy struck and he died of terminal illness. As a way of dealing with her heartbreak, Sylvie moved to an old factory building and started working on some photography projects of her own, eventually growing into the well respected artist that she is today. Not only is Sylvie Blum a master of the female form, but her dramatic monochromes are also filled with a menagerie of striking animals: from a horse to a python to a peaceful white dove.

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