Sonia Szóstak in Warsaw


Sonia Szóstak “Fortune Teller Told Me”

For her 'Fortune Teller Told Me’ exhibition, Sonia Szóstak staged model Małgorzata Bela in bizarre, a times suggestively surreal landscapes. During the photo sessions, the photographer and the model entered into a dialogue in front of the camera, giving rise to a natural type of improvisation. Szóstak’s work balances staging with spontaneous and natural situations, in a space where fashion, travel and portrait photography meet. Set poetically in nature, her lyrical imagery represents a homage to femininity.

Sonia Szóstak was born in Stettin in 1990 in Stettin. She studied directing at the Film School in Łódź. Among others, Szóstak’s work has appeared in Vogue Poland, Vogue Italia, Numero and Rolling Stone, and has been exhibited at the A / D / O Gallery New York (2017), The Ballery Galerie, Berlin (2018) and at the National Museum in Gdansk (2016).

Further information is available at: [6x7 Gallery Warschau]