left to right: Edyta Pokrywka, Karin Rehn-Kaufmann, Alessandro Argentato und Ralph Wiegmann ©Roman Thomas

On 9 March 2018, a celebration took place in Munich during which the iF Design Awards were handed out to this year's. The eighth edition of the Leica S magazine received the iF Gold Award 2018 in the Communications Design category. The 200 pages of the S magazine No. 8 present a firework display of wild, sensuous and colourful photographs – a story told in the inimitable style of German fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth. With four chapters, the tale shares the adventures of a girl gang searching for happiness in the Wild West.
The jury statement reads: “Chocked full of powerful and incredibly sensual photography, the Leica S magazine is free from all creative boundaries. If sex (still) sells, 2016 must have been a very successful business year for Leica. A visual ogasm lsting for 200 pages.”
The iF Design Award has been granted since 1953, and is today considered one of the world’s most important design competitions. Following the Prize for Good Design from the German Designer Club, and the Good Design Award, this is now the third important recognition received for the Ellen von Unwerth issue of the S magazine. Make sure to get yourself one of the few remaining English copies in our SHOP.

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