Robert Lebeck in Berlin


Robert Lebeck: 'Romy Schneider in Berlin 1976' © Robert Lebeck

In early April 1981, German photojournalist Robert Lebeck was sent by stern news weekly to the French Atlantic seaside resort of Quiberon to shoot some portraits of the great postwar actress Romy Schneider. The portraits they made together on the rocky shore and in her hotel – 25 of which are here on show – captured Schneider towards the end of her life, not long after the death of her teenage son David, when she was struggling to hold everything together. It’s an incredibly powerful body of work. So powerful, in fact, that it inspired Emily Atef’s movie ‘3 Days in Quiberon’, which was selected to compete for the Golden Bear at this year’s Berlin Film Festival. Romy Schneider would pass away in 1982, and Robert Lebeck in 2014, but those three beautiful days they spent together will be remembered forever.

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