Paul Kooiker in Antwerp

© Paul Kooiker, from the series Eggs and Rarities, 2018.

This summer, Antwerp pays homage to its most famous artist, and arguably the greatest portrait painter in history – Peter Paul Rubens – with the festival ‘Antwerp Baroque 2018: Rubens inspires’. For those most interested in photography, the programme’s highlight will surely be Dutch artist Paul Kooiker’s retrospective ‘Untitled (Nude)’ at the city’s Fotomuseum. There you’ll be able to enjoy ‘Sunday’ – Kooiker’s series of baroque, Rubenesque nudes, generally pictured in black heels and always from the most unusual angles – dating from 2011, as well as a brand new installation, ‘Eggs and Rarities’, which brings together his nude, still life and landscape photography into an immersive ‘encyclopaedia of life’ that fills an entire room.

More information at: Fotomuseum Antwerp