Olaf Heine in Munich


Iggy Pop, Miami 2001 © Olaf Heine

Originally from Hanover, Olaf Heine learnt his craft at Berlin’s Lette-Verein, honed it yet further over many years working in Germany, and eventually followed his celebrity subjects all the way to Los Angeles. The subtly staged black-and-white portraits which have made him so sought-after often hint at a story without revealing its beginning or ending. His frames might contain Jared Leto in the desert, brandishing a staff; a woman descending a swooping modernist ramp in Brasília; or Herbert Grönemeyer on his knees, bound and blindfolded in a Berlin wasteland. While Heine shows us these stars as we’ve never seen them before, ‘Hush Hush’ is also an exhibition that keeps its secrets close to its chest.

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