‘Nude’ in Opio


© Peter Coulson, Bunnies 2 - Tennis Court

In the hills of Opio, just 20 minutes from Cannes, Opiom Gallery is soon to open an exhibition of 8 photographers working with female nudes. This showcase ranges from Guido Argentini’s smoking lady to Tina Trumpp’s portrait of a model smelling a magnolia blossom; from Sylvie Blum’s vivid picture of a woman “surfing” on the back of an elephant to Peter Coulson’s girls in bunny masks playing tennis; from Vincent Peters’ New York City portraits to Jean-Philippe Piter’s pictures on the beach of St. Bart’s; from Christian Coigny’s voyeuristic monochromes to Marc Lagrange’s chocolate-tinted images to Olivier Valsecchi’s painterly nudes and beyond. Above all, it shows how the body might be considered a work of art.

More information at: Opiom Gallery