Nobuyoshi Araki in New York


Nobuyoshi Araki, KaoRi Love (Diptych) 2007. Courtesy of Yoshii Gallery, New York. Private collection

Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, now 77, is known for his raw, unflinching, brutally personal approach to taking photographs: when his wife Yoko was dying of cancer, he documented everything and published it as a book titled ‘Sentimental Journey/Winter Journey’ (1991). He’s also notorious for his sexually explicit imagery, particularly his countless images of kinbaku-bi – Japanese rope bondage – featuring naked women tied up with rope and hanging from the studio rafters. But different though they may seem, both of these sides of Araki reveal his interest in challenging the boundaries of intimacy while facing up to controversy, and it’s these qualities that have inspired New York’s Museum of Sex to organise this comprehensive exploration of sex and death, and love and loss.    

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