Michał Massa Mąsior in Cracow


© Michał Massa Mąsior

The Michal Massa Masior’s photography exhibition Anti-portraits, will be one of the key events during the Cracow Fashion Week from March 9 to 17 March. It aims to show, in 15 pictures, the breadth of the conceptual scope behind the human body and its expression. Exhibition: 15 March, 19:00, MAG Gallery Krakow, Szeroka str. 32.

The exhibition is comprised of works created for editorials in Leica’s S magazine, Lounge and Unique publications. The personally significant pictures are more than mere work, they are evi-dence of Massa’s quest for another dimension in fashion photography, and this rebellion is ex-pressed in the exhibition’s very title – Anti-portraits. It is also demonstrated in the frequent use of shadows, the lack of consistent focus, and the obscured faces.
“Helmut Newton once said that the perfect fashion photo doesn’t look like a fashion photo. It can be a still from a film, a fortunate capture by a reporter, anything but a stylized fashion photograph. This concept began to mature in my mind with the growth of my experience. I am inspired by low light and inconspicuousness. To me, the perfect photo is the one that etches itself into my brain. I saw many that stuck with me for no apparent reason: I cannot define why they are so memorable. I would like for at least one of the photos at the exhibition to have this effect on the viewer,” says Massa Masior.
“Massa’s subjects don’t scream conventional beauty; they don’t aim to seduce in the same way that a budget airline does. Rather, they open the door to a parallel world. Each photo stimulates explora-tion and exercises our creative synapses. Unconventional framing, smudges of light, savage facial expressions – it all breaks the mold and rebels against popular lifestyle unification, which had be-come a hallmark of the current decade,” reads the preface by Rafal Stanowski.

Cracow Fashion Week comprises several dozen fashion-related events taking place between the 9th and 17th of March 2019, focussing on photography exhibitions, fashion shows, workshops and keynotes presented by personalities of the world of fashion. Most events will be free of charge and open to the public.

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