Matthew Rolston in Los Angeles


Fahey/Klein Gallery presents Matthew Rolston’s exhibition

Matthew Rolston’s life changed forever in 1977 when Andy Warhol saw his pictures and commissioned him to shoot for his new celebrity title, the massively influential – in terms of content, graphic design, portraiture, and its treatment of celebrity – Interview magazine. He became, along with the likes of Annie Leibovitz, Steven Meisel and Herb Ritts, one of the great photographers of the booming 1980s scene. Back then American pop music and moviemaking were flourishing as never before and Rolston’s new survey of images taken during that decade, ‘Hollywood Royale: Out of the School of Los Angeles’, shows icons like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince at the very height of their fame, in the city where their dreams and their nightmares came true.

More information at: Fahey/Klein Gallery