Mária Švarbová in Taipei


Swimming Pool © Mária Švarbová

Five years ago, a friend of Mária Švarbová’s suggested she go and have a look at the old swimming pool in her hometown of Zlaté Moravce, which had been closed for more than a decade; once inside, she found that it was still full of water and that the starkly functionalist communist architecture was in perfect condition. Švarbová was inspired to shoot a series of highly choreographed pictures there, featuring models dressed as synchronised swimmers, and also in 12 more pools in 12 Slovakian cities, and this body of work is what made her name abroad. Now ‘Swimming Pool’ is on show alongside her series ‘Plastic World’ and ‘Human Space’ in Švarbová’s largest solo exhibition to date, which fills all three floors of Taipei’s EcoARK with an eerie, rather sci-fi exploration of Slovakian communist architecture and aesthetics.

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