Lucia Davies-Milner in London


© Lucia Davies-Milner

‘The marks I make with my pen are not just a reflection of an identity, but of all the roots that lie under the surface of an individual,’ says Lucia Davies-Milner of her first solo exhibition. ‘When I draw these patterns I feel as though I’m writing a story of becoming, of lineage and ancestry, and of every harmonious or chaotic circumstance that manifested into a life.’ To make this series of ‘Genesis Portraits’, the young London-based artist takes photographic portraits of women in her life, and then draws magical patterns over the resulting prints in black ink, as though she were giving them tattoos of her own imagination. In so doing, she hopes to reveal more about the person underneath, and how they’re connected to her, and one another, and everything else in the universe.

More information at: The Observatory Photography Gallery