Juno Calypso in London


@ Juno Calypso, Subterranean Kitchen, 2017

For her latest series, ‘What To Do With A Million Years’, Londoner Juno Calypso journeyed under the Nevada desert and into the lurid pink underground mansion built by Avon cosmetics founder Jerry Henderson and his wife Mary in the 1960s. Though the Hendersons are no longer with us, their house – surely the world’s most kitsch and glamorous bunker, complete with hot tub, waterfall and hand-painted landscapes – has been perfectly preserved 26 feet under. During her stay there Calypso lived and worked in the house around the clock, staging self-portraits of herself as a glamorous 1960s sci-fi heroine in the style of Barbarella. Although they’ve just been made, these look like images from another time and another world.

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