Jean Pigozzi in München


© Jean Pigozzi The zebra 2015 Villa Dorane, Antibes

‘First,’ the French-Italian photographer and socialite Jean Pigozzi has said, explaining how he invented the celebrity selfie back in the early 1970s, ‘you had to have a long arm, which I have. Second, you had to use a camera with a slight wide-angle lens on it. And number three, you had to use a flash. Not that many people in those days had those three things. Most people with a Leica were purists, so they didn’t use a flash.’ So, armed with his trusty Leica, and his invitations to the most glamorous parties in the world, he began taking photographs of himself alongside the likes of Grace Jones, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Art Garfunkel, Andy Warhol’s stuffed dog; everybody. He’s yet to stop. Now his resulting series of works, ‘ME & CO’, is going on display in Munich, and Pigozzi’s role in the dazzling, decadent story of the rise of the celebrity selfie will be revealed.

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