Jamie Hawkesworth in Amsterdam


Mica, 2016 © Jamie Hawkesworth

“It is set in Preston, the Northern English city where I discovered and studied photography,” begins young British photographer Jamie Hawkesworth, describing the “Preston Bus Station” project that brought him to many people’s attention. “This portrayal of the people passing through the bus station became a blueprint for my photographic practice: it is where I learned about light, and the patience of waiting for an encounter to unfold. It is where I learned how to approach strangers and capture the details of beauty that drew me to them.”
Since learning these skills, Hawkesworth’s ascent through the world of fashion and art photography has been dizzying: in the last few years he’s shot campaigns for J.W. Anderson, Loewe and Miu Miu, and also travelled to Congo and Colombia to work on documentary projects of his own. Now his largest exhibition yet, “Landscape with Tree” at Huis Marseille, offers a journey across all ten years of his photography practice, with “Preston Bus Station” at its heart.

More information at: Huis Marseille