Iouri Podladtchikov in Zürich


© Iouri Podladtchikov, Nicht eine Liebesgeschichte

Swiss-Russian artist Iouri Podladtchikov is a man of many talents. Firstly, he’s a hugely talented snowboarder who not only won Olympic Gold in the 2014 half-pipe competition but also invented his own signature trick, the ‘YOLO Flip’ (‘You Only Live Once Flip’). Secondly, however, he’s also a passionate art photographer who has been documenting his life away from the slopes for more than a decade now. His latest exhibition ‘Nicht eine Liebesgeschichte’, meaning ‘Not a Love Story’, is a series of small, black and white portraits of friends and lovers interspersed with still lives of flower in a pot and a heart drawn in light; all of which reveal a different, more private side to Podladtchikov.

More information at: Christophe Guye Galerie