Horst Diekgerdes


Isabeli Fontana / AnOther Magazine / 2005 © Horst Diekgerdes Courtesy DISTANZ Verlag

German-born Horst Diekgerdes is one of the country’s most renowned fashion photographers, whose obscure, surprising and surreal images have been part of iconic ad campaigns and major magazines alike, from Dazed & Confused and Vogue to Miu Miu and Hermès. He recently teamed up with Swiss art director Beda Achermann, a friend and long-time collaborator, to publish his very first retrospective monograph.

The stunning book, released this January, takes you on an exciting visual journey from Diekgerdes’ first steps in the 90s to today, looking back on a long, fruitful, and multifaceted career. »Revisiting my personal and professional archives was a huge undertaking,« he says, adding: »While I had done the first editing steps on my own, Beda helped me work out criteria that allowed us to create a visual narrative.«

All in all, the fascinating monograph bursts with optimism, celebrating fashion, photography and the abundance of life all at once. »It’s been quite an experience to look back on these two decades, but nostalgia and regret were definitely not part of it. Making this book allowed me to gain a fresh view on my work and made me look at my development as a photographer in an almost therapeutic way,« Diekgerdes concludes.

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