Guy Bourdin in Paris


©The Guy Bourdin Estate / Courtesy of Art and Commerce

French fashion photographer Guy Bourdin (1928–91) is probably best known for his fetishistic pictures of women’s asses in pantyhose and feet in high heels. Less well known is the fact that while working at Paris Vogue between the 1950s and 1980s he shot more Chloé than anyone else around. Now, to celebrate the house’s 65th anniversary and inaugurate its new exhibition space, Maison Chloé on rue de la Baume, Bourdin’s striking images of women Chloé are on display. A particularly memorable spread shows two policemen chasing an almost naked man, wearing only his underpants, through an otherwise glamorous drinks party in which the guests are elegantly dressed in Chloé’s spring-summer 1975 collection. One can’t help but wonder how much Bourdin would have identified with this bacchanalian intruder.

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