Giuseppe Mastromatteo in Milan


© Giuseppe Mastromatteo

Giuseppe Mastromatteo leads two lives. By day he’s Chief Creative Officer for renowned advertising agency Ogilvy Italy; by night he’s an artist who shows around the world. In his most celebrated series of pictures, ‘Indepensense’, he disassembles his subjects’ faces through the clever use of digital technology, lifting their faces off into masks, or moving features such as their mouths, or their noses, or their nipples, onto other parts of their bodies; suggesting, perhaps, the ways in which we conceal and construct our identities. For another recent project, ‘Eyedentikit’, he has made a large number of portraits of very different-looking people but given them all the exact same eyes, resulting in a weird and uncanny effect. Whoever, and however, he shoots, Mastromatteo’s overarching subject remains constant: the nature of identity in the modern world.

More information at: 29 Arts In Progress Gallery