Fumes and Perfumes in Stuttgart


© Flóra Borsi

The project Fumes & Perfumes – established in 2014 by fellow artists Monica Menez, Peter Franck, Frank Bayh & Steff Rosenberger-Ochs and Yves Noir – is an ongoing series of exhibitions featuring recent works by the project's initiators, along with contemporary contributions by local and international guest artists. The show is displayed within the Ebene 0 project space, as well as – in the form of large-scale posters – on the parking levels of the Züblin multi-storey car park in the heart of Stuttgart's red light district.

The images interact both with each other and the functional aesthetics of the architecture, allowing visitors to experience an entirely unexpected display in a public space. The multi-storey car park is transformed into a walkway of contemporary photography, and becomes the world's only 'drive-through gallery', where viewers can embark on an urban photo safari.
Printed on ordinary poster material, the wallpapered photographs develop a particular charm when juxtaposed with the rough architecture and uneven walls of the car park building. The atmosphere is a long way from that of a White Cube style gallery – instead, it represents something of an intersection between urban art and a permanent contingency.
The exhibition continues for one year, until the next edition of Fumes & Perfumes.

Stuttgart-based singer and performance artist Desiree Lune will open the exhibition. The reception evening also features Jenny Winter-Stojanovic, who will be working on her installation, as well as musical performances by Martin Schnabel & Jonas Bolle and the Linda-Kyei-Zbikbeat-Duo.

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