Frank Bayh & Steff Ochs in Ebersberg


Faster, harder, louder #8 © Frank Bayh & Steff Ochs

Stuttgart-based photographers Frank Bayh and Steff Rosenberger-Ochs have been working together since 2004. They like to shoot in the style of fashion editorials, and to use similar techniques of digital airbrushing and photomontage; but always with a surprising comic twist. One of their series, ‘What if they were unicorns’, presents historical despots and tyrants, from Josef Stalin to Osama Bin Laden, as watery-eyed, innocent children, and asks how different history might have been if these figures had lived different lives. Another, ‘Beauty is in the nostrils of the beholder’, offers a satire of where the present-day mania with plastic surgery might lead us. Will we still be beautiful? Will we still be good? In ‘Princesses and Bad Guys’, Bayh and Ochs encourage us to reconsider everything.

More information at: Kunstverein Ebersberg