Elizaveta Porodina in Munich


© Elizaveta Porodina

Munich-based artist Elizaveta Porodina (born 1987 in Moscow), who was featured in S Magazine Lookbook, has established an international reputation as a fashion photographer. Her first museum exhibition showcases a series of recent images ranging from atmospheric portraits to fashion and documentary photography, with stylistic influences that go so far as to include surrealism.
As in the work of Helmut Newton – whom she cites alongside lrving Penn and Gordon Parks as one of her main influences – Porodina’s photographs always tell a story through their cinematographic mise-en-scène. She is equally at home with colorful, fantastical creations and dramatic black-and-white scenes, but cares little for traditional photographic genres. Instead, her interest lies in “relationships between people, a particular vision, and her way of shining a light on these wonderful facets of life – ultimately it’s all about love.”

Please find more info at Münchner Stadmuseum
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