Christian Vogt in Paris

© Christian Vogt, Self-release, 2003, Série The Flaxen Diary

‘If I work with naked bodies, for example,’ explains Swiss artist Christian Vogt, ‘I am immediately labelled a nude photographer. A nude is a representation of the naked human body. What is important to me, however, is rather the translation of an idea through the use of the body and body language. I am often asked “what” it is that I photograph. I am never asked about the “how”.’ His new exhibition ‘The longer I look’ includes nudes, yes (some of which are taken by the sitter rather than by Vogt himself), wide panoramic landscapes, close-ups of the body and much else besides; but together they form a series of inquiries into what it is to see, and to photograph, and to be photographed. One work focuses only on an open palm with the following sentence written across it in pen:
‘the longer I looked,
the less foreign it seemed
even familiar
even a part of me’.

More information at: Galerie Esther Woerdehoff