Christian Tagliavini in London


“I want to be a writer, a film director, a world renowned photographer, or I just want to be famous for something, anything” says artist Christian Tagliavini, and in his new Series »1406«, after a working time of more than two years, he combines the art of the 15th century and the Quattrocento with contemporary photographic art and nears his claim:
Portraits that exude the dignity, gracility and elegance of the Early Renaissance.
The title of the series is a reference to the Italian painter Filippo Lippi (1406–1469), who ranks among the most important artists of that time.
The first finalized work from the series »1406« is entitled »La Moglie dell'Orefice«. The composition of the work is a perfect mirror of Christian Tagliavini's fantastic and creative imaginativeness.
He used original and historic materials from the past to create the robes and dresses, designing them himself, building all visible objects and even defining tiny details by using a modern and comprehensive 3D printing system. His body of work is in collections, museums and exhibitions worldwide.

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