Arvida Byström in Stockholm


© Arvida Byström

Although still in her 20s, Arvida Byström has already had a successful career in which she’s performed many roles. She’s an artist and but a fashion photographer. She’s shot campaigns for clothing brands but also modelled in them. She’s the best known figure from this decade’s “selfie feminism” movement, and she’s also one of the pioneers of showing smartphone photography as art. Now, in her hometown of Stockholm, Byström has a solo show that’s completely pink and filled with works that explore what feminine identity means in the present day. It is, she says, ‘a commentary on the fact that my feminine aesthetics are always seen as only being about sex, which is far from the truth. Sex is an important subject, but it does my art a disservice to say that it’s largely about sex.’

More information at: Fotografiska