Arthur Elgort in London


Christy Turlington, New Orleans, LA, British Vogue 1990 © Arthur Elgort

When American fashion photographer Arthur Elgort, 77, first shot for ‘British Vogue’ in 1971 his casual snapshot style and his emphasis on movement and natural light caused a sensation. Now, nearly half a century on, his first British solo show will feature some of his most iconic images – the Rolling Stones hanging out at Long View Farm in 1981; Kate Moss standing on a table in Café Lipp for Vogue Italia in 1993; Karlie Kloss mowing the front lawn in Atlantic Beach for US Vogue in 2012 – alongside some of his rarely seen personal work in the form of gelatin silver prints developed in his dark room in the 1970s. And in case you were wondering, Arthur is also the father of Ansel Elgort, who plays the lead in this summer’s big Hollywood comedy ‘Baby Driver’.

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